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The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) alwye broke his fast during the holy month of Ramadan by eating some dates at the call for the Maghreb prayer in the holy mosque in makah and in the prophet’s mosque in makkah, large quantities of dates are supplied on all the days of Ramadan.

As an example of their importance dates and date plam trees are mentioned in the Holy Ouran 20 tomes.

In the early years of lslam muslim soldiers carried dates in special bags at their sides.

Dates were thought to be very good for the muscles and the prefect food for a soldier who was going into battle.


Modern science has proved that dates contain a lot of vitamind as well as sugar fat and protein.

They are also rich in the minerals calcium sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium.

Scientists say that a person who lives on a diet of only dates and milk will be completely healthy and will have no deficiency diseases.

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