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Dates are delicious fruit. More found in hot weather and in Arabic country. There are different types of dates but every type have their own taste and therapeutic values.


Dates provide energy booster.

Dates improve eye sight.

Dates strong nervous system.

Dates prevent abdominal cancer.

They relief constipation.

Dates are used to treat anemia.

Dates also lower cholesterol level.

 Ajvah dates cure and prevent many heart disease.

They are good source of vitamins and fibers.

On research if a pregnant women eat 3 dates daily during their pregnancy duration then there will be more chance of baby boy.

Use of dates is muslim sunnat and it has many advantage in the human health,

Fresh dates and dry dates have different values.

Dates are more use in month of Ramadan due to muslim religion believes.

Dates Ripen Stages:

Firstly dates are green in color then it start ripening and turn its color from green to orange. when it is completely ripen then it change their color from orange to dark brown.



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