Davao City Fire Shows: Outback Grill Fire Show versus Crocodile Park Fire Show

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Here in Davao City in the Philippines, there are two fire shows that are amazing tourist attractions. One is the Outback Grill Fire Show while the other one is the Crocodile Park Fire Show. I’m lucky enough to have seen both so I decided to share my thoughts on these shows with you. Hopefully, this blog will entice you to check them out and see the shows live.

The Outback Grill Fire Show

Outback Grill is a local restaurant that serves barbecues and other grilled meats. They also serve pasta, burgers and alcoholic beverages. The food in my opinion, is just average, but that’s not really the main attraction. The real reason my husband and I went there was for the fire show, and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

The show started with fire breathers and I was already clapping and cheering from the beginning. My husband was a bit harder to impress and he just sat quietly at that point; however, after the fire breathers came the fire dancers who seemed to dance in and out of sparks of fire. That caused my husband to cheer just as hard, if not harder, than me.

The verdict

Overall the show was more of a show of bravery rather than artistic expression of the dancers. The skill of the dancers is still undeniable though, and it’s definitely a show worth seeing. I’d rate the Outback Grill show a 4.5 over 5, just because I think it could be made into something more than just a stunt performance.

The Crocodile Park Fire Show

Even though the Crocodile Park is known for, well, their crocodiles (obviously); they also have other tourist attractions, including the fire show performed by Tribu K'Mindanawan Fire Artists. I think from the name of the dance group alone you can tell that this is an impressive show, but I’ll tell you about my experience anyway.  

Even at the setup part of the show, I could tell that the Crocodile Park Fire Show was a complete production. They started the show with a fire safety demo, which I think is a responsible move. After the whole fire safety demonstration, the lights were turned off and tribal music started playing. The dancers then showed up onstage and I loved their tribal costumes. It fit perfectly with the music and their moves. The way the dancers moved made it seem so effortless, though I’m sure it must have been quite difficult.

The verdict

I’m trying to think of a negative thing to say about the show, but I just can’t. I’m rating it a 5 over 5 and I promise that I am in no way affiliated with them and wasn’t paid to give them a perfect rating. Haha.

My Final Thoughts

I’m sure you can already tell from my comments above that I preferred the Crocodile Park show over the Outback Grill one. I’d still recommend seeing both though, because they are both wonderful shows and definitely worth watching.

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