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In BST premiere fashion new sweetheart Harper Beckham reveals she is a very fussy and aesthetic eye, no less than his mother Victoria, although only 3 years old.

Only 2 more days at Fashion Week New York will end, after Victoria, to turn David Beckham unveiled his BST. Tuesday this week, the former England midfielder has had premiere line of jackets for riders that he cooperate with fashion brand Belstaff senior men. Appearing at the ceremony, Beckham attracts all positive gaze costume "quality" of his. Unlike the usual casual style, this time the 39-year-old former title character looks extremely black leather jacket, T-shirt comes with color and jeans knee patch.

Whether for yourself as well as experienced people in the fashion industry, Beckham still showed modest that his wife was the best. "So to me, what she is doing much more massive. My BST small just so I can only involved 100% in every detail, also of Victoria BST like a monster so. She has earned the respect of the fashion industry and many more. I'm enjoying this, but I do not have time to do her, "Beckham proud of her share.

However, perhaps the most notable is the confession of the darling daughter Harper Beckham. According to the 39-year-old former list, Harper loves to pick clothes for dad: "She will step in and tell me to tighten the wire harness, or saying 'Daddy, bring this to the other pair of shoes to go'. It's great. "In addition, Harper Beckham also revealed she is a very picky and take up to 20 minutes each day to pick clothes. "This started 1 year ago, after waking up, her wardrobe and will last for 20 minutes to decide what to wear, but then changed his mind constantly. I'm really not used to it! "

Accustomed to taking care of three boys, Beckham said that he felt a little dizzy pace with the rhythm of her daughter. "We have 3 kid and it was fun to wear nothing at all. Romeo is just a little bit picky. Harper is also just changed my mind constantly. I often hear girls like that, it was interesting to see with his own eyes. "

In addition, Beckham revealed his new hobby ... Flower: "There is one thing that changed over the years ... when you grow up, you will become more mature, and you will begin to like flowers, but I still try to do so a little masculine. "Sang next year, Beckham will officially enter the" four weeks ". Even so, his ex-defense that is not afraid of aging like everyone else: "I was excited again, I do not have to be people who do not want to get old. I am very happy with my life. I had a successful career. I have 4 wonderful children and a wonderful wife. "

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