Day Three Of Writing An Original Series For Digital Media

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So here we are in day three of writing an original series for digital media. We've made some pretty good progress within those three days, but I think what I've learned mostly is that in order to go forward sometimes you need to take a step backward. 

I'm in the process of making a website for it, but considering the only content that'll be on it is the actual video the website itself isn't going to require much work. Fortunately from other blunders (and Social Marvels) I have access to a ton of different themes already.

Which reminds me - if you ever need a Wordpress tutorial or a theme recommendation, I'm your man.

 We've come up with a name for the show - First World Problems. That's all I'm telling you right now. I'll even show you a little snippet of the script. Just because you're cool like that and my last blog post was all about using Microsoft Word as opposed to Final Draft. 

Exciting right? It's easy enough to keep track of within word. I'm taking to my partner in crime later today to finalize changes he's making and then we're going to introduce him to the world of social media. He has a LinkedIn here so you can stalk him if you'd like. 

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