Dear mom !!!

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The mother gave written poetry. Thank you for loving life and cares for us. Love you more!

Son has never been heard telling his mother
About the misery that my life
It never once heard her mother say
About the thunderstorm wind changed rong picture

Did you also ask her mother quietly
His own hide the sadness everyday
Hide their own bad light on the eye
Mom just smiled and evaded only

I love you

Heavy summer sun sweat
Full steam easterly winds blow cold
Mother still waiting for their meager alone under
The way we grow each day

Mother still cantering briskly pit arms
Still preparing rice soup every night
Wait for the return from the meeting place
To eat, the pair said that ...

Mother tells of the life story, the curious
But regardless of the mother's lonely life
Regardless of earthly pain
Regardless of what I give you ...


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