Death Penalty Should Be Involved

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This article may be sensitive to some people / religious person but I would like to insist to post this topic as an eye opener. 


       I'm so affected in everyday watching news or reading some newspaper and or even browsing social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

       There are some rape victims and molested by their own family. Head shot because of "nothing"...just wanna shoot by gun men!!! Scammers. Kidnap-for-ransom. Hit and run. Atm tampering. Murder. Bigamy. Polygamy. Etc,etc ,etc.... But the saddest part is the reality  that the government has nothing serious solutions to stop or at least to lessen the crimes. The justice seems so BLIND. 


      I keep asking myself why the government could not bring back the Death Penalty. Why they cannot see the all these crimes that brings scare in public? Why they are not doing anything to stop or at least to lessen all these crimes? Are they're really,really blind? Or deaf? They are the ones whose supposed to be the PROTECTOR of the public... But why, why they cannot be? Why protecting criminals instead of the victims? Why they refused to give those victims the right to defend themselves? Why the criminals can? Why the JUSTICE is BLINDFOLDED????






       I'm appealing for prayers whoever you are...whatever your religion is...whenever you are...whatever your race is... We are ONE!! You and me are both human. We both know how to CARE.. to GIVE... and to FORGIVE!! Let us hold each other's hand and walk with Faith...let's FORGET those anger in our hearts...specially those jealousy that eats all your HONOR AND DIGNITY. Let's give it a try to make this World a better place to live in...and in process.... Promise, we can live happily and contented. 







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