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These days, I'm constantly in-law texted me saying the money was needed to build the house, I still carry resentment. I read the message of the law, in my heart deeply ashamed. 2009, when I bought the house, my family used to borrow 300 million, this amount is due to my parents and brother gathered for me to borrow. 5 years ago, I turn to repay, but still owe 20 million family brother.

This morning, I told her this, she hoped I agree to return the money to his brother, but she did not believe: "Married 5 years ago, back where it emerged that a debt? Ever hear him say anything. "

I still remember very clearly, the time of marriage, I have recorded a debt to the handbook, how much money you owe, pay anybody how much money to spend the money to do what I have to account for her see, I do have a story suddenly emerged debts.

Debt payments are of course, even more, though what that says my wife and I were office workers, and family my brother just rely on the grocery store in town. Furthermore, we are also not short of money, houses, vehicles, more than a month's wages have enough debt already. This amount for my wife is not a problem, but for his family as well as a problem.

Just think about this, I really feel sad, do not feel any face look at the body.

What I would give money to keep his wife, then off to discuss wages, all other income such as bonuses, commissions ... all I have to hand over to her. Yet every month she showed me one and a half million pocket money. A man, going out on the road only a little money so just invite someone to eat a meal alone out all that money. But she always said: "Do not smoke, do not drink, I buy clothes for him, he is no place where to spend the money."

I normally spend and save money, one million and a half, the 1 million-a-half, I was getting used to it, but the problem is that this Valentine's Day, I thought to buy a gift for his wife should aim go pick yourself a delicious cake gato, plans to bring the whole family to eat. Who imagined that her parents are not happy, they told me ki bo, Valentine just buy a cake for his wife. I also want to be kind to his wife funnily enough, she also wants to buy expensive items funnily enough, but the people I do not have money, but also pleased to have just bought cake.

I felt ashamed for my parents.

When writing these lines do not understand why I was filled with tears, one is because the money, two is because the memory of my departed mother, the heart felt empty, like a kite broken wire stumbled around in the air, not how to land.

My house is very poor, from small parents have been advised that to school, new school can only change your life. In 1998, after 12 years to book, I finally parked at a university in Hanoi, my parents proudly through the village on the village below, but behind that smile tears, for I have money the city school, parents had to work hard, accumulate saving every single coin.

It was not easy to wait for the day I graduated from college, I was not waiting for the signaling, the mother went to the afterlife because of illness.

I remember, it was my first time on the job I received a phone call at home, before everyone in the house to hide my mother's illness. No doubt, that day I got the news she leaves.

When I phoned to inform her of the situation and discuss two couples funerary home mom. No doubt, her expression, makes me sad to this day.

After listening, she said, one that I go home alone, she stayed in Hanoi. Actually she is my lawful wife, daughter-in-law lost her husband should also take care of the funeral home to mother, but think about her I never go home, afraid she was not familiar with the way of life in the countryside, also feared the busy day I did not have time to keep an eye on her, she's not on, only the clear well thought out. But the second day I was to be disappointed, the wife agreed to let me lead 3 million take. In 2009, 3 million do not do anything, let alone the funeral.

These things, I never told anyone. The time to think is not common, in my heart sad, my self also advised me to cheer up, I also have responsibility. Because, in 2009 when we married, I was afraid the city themselves up travel fares are not helpless, even where there is no base, so I do not let people come to the wedding. Just because this story just blame my wife, also blamed both my home anymore. She was a native of Hanoi, the bustling fun wedding entirely of her close friends, family members do not have one. She blamed me is normal, I also have to take responsibility for yourself, because I'm thinking not exhaustive.

The inside unjustly.

Fleeting marriage has been 5 years, 5 years, she never once home to visit my father, festive New Year's Day also send gifts of money to send my father to this day have never been to meet you Content. Month old son, I also mental suffering, invited or not invited to the announcement. If invited to the announcement, the wife receives lukewarm enthusiasm did not turn out to cause more heartache dad or what? also not afraid to announce good health, do not walk long distances. Finally, do not invite father to

Thinking back, my wife is a good wife, a family is responsible for their children. All that she is also only want good for the family, including her parents. But this year, her parents are helping us take care of children, care of the family.

But I still want to say, is a man who came from rural areas, the wife is an only child in a family in the city, there are always those thoughts can be viewed by others often, accidentally it constitutes the wounds. In company, I was a one room in my house that does not have to take care of, just as long suppressed, in a little heart wants outbreak. Now how much of the money I do not know nor want to know. If it is impossible to reconcile, I will move out of the life, really, if it will not unbearable considering divorce, I would not ask her a penny, leave empty-handed.

Of course, deep down I did not want a divorce, I believe her too, but between us, I really can not explain...........


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