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December is here! As time flies, I am busy trying to shuffle doctor appointments, babysitting, finding the money for gifts for the kids and such. So crazy!

On the seventeenth, my younger daughter turns 26, she has just got hired to drive Limousines with the same company I worked for a few years ago. That should be exciting for her as it is a very lucrative job.
On my birthday, the 24th, we all head down to my sisters for our annual Xmas party, it's always such an exciting time for everyone, with the grand babies and all! Every year one of the guys dons the Santa Suit hidden in the garage, a dreaded but funny and unavoidable must have for the smaller children.. Every year the guys try to get out of the Santa "job", and every year we find a "rookie" amongst the guys who hasn't stepped up yet. 

I can count five other birthdays wrapped around Xmas, nieces, nephews, my sister on the 26th and so on.
It's a busy month, this month.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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