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I have been thinking a lot recently and i've decide that whist I am a film maker i  feel i am more a drama film maker as i've gained a passion for script writing and i feel that i can produce stronger story and message through drama. I won't ever rule out non-fiction/documentary as i do enjoy crewing on them and when you have a solid idea for a documentary it will work and be great but as i've been struggling and bouncing many ideas before i came up with paws i realized i wasn't passionate enough for non fiction right now. 

maybe i just need to find the right topic and gain a non fiction niche like i almost have with drama?

either way this was really just me putting down thoughts 


thanks for reading anyway !!


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I am a film student at Staffordshire university aspiring to be involved in the sound department of film making as well as writing my own scripts for films. I am currently on a insane ride at university discovering new roles and working habits as i am making films and crewing…

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