Decoding the mystery of the stone "walking" in Death Valley

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After years become a mystery, finally phenomenon of self-moving rock in Death Valley as well be answered by the employees of the group of scientists in San Diego, USA.

Long, heavy rocks hundreds of kilograms of self-movement in Death Valley was a mystery as scientists harness this year after year. Finally, after nearly one century of research and find out, this mysterious phenomenon has been decoded.

The inanimate stone that "going back"

Between the still air and 50 ° C heat between the bottom of a dry lake Racetrack Player of Death Valley, California, USA, the giant stone seems to silently move themselves daily without any impact any man.

With the weight of a few dozen or even more than 300kg, they run in a straight line is not fixed on the surface of the valley. According to estimates, every year, they can "travel" than 300m.

Photographer Mike Byrne, 40, has spent many years studying the motion of the stone is said to walk, the trail goes past where the rocks are not a place where people cross. Most rocks are found at the bottom of the lake Racetrack Playa, where the terrain is flat.

Stone moved by a combination of rain, wind, ice and sun

Recently, a group of scientists from the Oceanographic Institute of the University of California, San Diego, America has been the cause of the movement of rock in Death Valley after being directly visible phenomenon. By installing high-resolution meteorological stations to measure wind everyday and GPS devices GPS into 15 different rocks, scientists believe the stones to help move essentially due the combination of rain, wind, ice and sun.

Professor Ralph Lorenz, Professor Richard Norris, Jim Norris and colleagues discovered substance Death Valley is covered by a 7cm deep lake. Water that is deep enough to form ice on cold nights but also shallow enough to expose the stone.

At night, when the temperature plummeted, the lake freezes, forming ice as thin as a sheet of glass windows. Glaciers have moderate thinness can move freely, and have sufficient thickness to retain power.

By the time the hot sun during the day, the ice began to melt, break into large floating platform and the wind moves over the lake surface. Thus, the rocks above the broken ice also moves in, to leave a mark on a thin layer of mud.


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