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Since it's Halloween, I think this topic fits perfectly because deepweb is so creepy and scariest way on surfing the internet.

DeepWeb is one way of surfing the internet, but unlike Google, Bing, and other sites where you can search things that you don't know wherein most of those things have some lies hidden in it. On deepweb just like how its name implied, "Deep".This is the way where you will surf the internet on its deeper part. There are a lot of secret lies when you search on internet. The information’s that you cannot search on Google; like if aliens are for real, or if it is just a hoax story even though we all know that aliens exist, but most things that you read in the internet are mostly not true, but by using DeepWeb, most of the information there are true. To sum it up, in a normal search engine we can only search 4% of the internet information are true whereas in deepweb we can search more than 60% of the internet. And another thing about deepweb is that their sites are not like here at a normal browser because sites there cannot be use here. Normal sites use com, org, tv, edu, and a lot more for there links. Where in deepweb, It uses onion links for example are https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ which will lead for a search engine named "DuckDuckGo". DuckDuckGo is like google but it can search deeper. 

How to Access DeepWeb 

Accessing deepweb isn’t that hard but there’s a lot of risk deepwebbing. All we need to do is download a browser for it. Even though there’s a lot of browsers for it but there is a common one that a lot of people already know it is “Tor Browser” which can be downloaded at . .

DeepWebbing on SmartPhones 

DeepWebbing on SmartPhones has nothing different on PC/Laptop version which has a lot of risk but just like in PC/Laptop version you can download VPN, Antivirus and blocking the camera but the good thing here is that your location is unknown since you can bring you smartphones everywhere. Just like on PC/Laptop there is a browser too for smartphone it is Orbot and you can download it here … 

How Can Make Ourselves Safe DeepWebbing

Most of the people know deepweb but only a few use it, why? Because of all the risks using this. One of the risks is that people can see what you are doing and they can simply destroy what device you are using by just knowing your ip address. And some search for your identity and things all about you from all the records that are in device like your Visa Card, Credit Card, and a lot more. But there’s stuff that might help you lower the risks from this things such stuffs like VPN which helps us to make our ip address hidden from others but most of them are not free but here is one that has a patch and another thing that might help you is having a good antivirus that has a PRO features but I recommend having a Eset Antivirus or Avast Premier and here’s a link that has a license key file which can last until 2018 or more and one last thing if you’re using a laptop with a camera , I suggest putting something to block that might help a lot. 


Why You Must Access DeepWeb 

Well for some reasons I don’t want to tell you the positive sides for using DeepWeb since it’s very dangerous and things here are too creepy but if you do what I said about downloading stuffs and putting something on your camera to gain low risk on using this, it means you’re surfing anonymously here and it will not make you an easy target to those people that want to gain your profile. Deepweb is made to be hidden since this things purpose is military and yes government made this and not just random hackers or anything which means this thing are meant for good things. But for a normal person like you who knows nothing, want to know stuffs, and if there’s questions bothering you that need answer, this thing is perfect for you since when you use this there’s a lot of stuffs you will know like things if searching things about real alien footage which aren’t those in youtube and google which is most a hoax story and about the project blue book of America which is a record of people seeing aliens and those who have been abducted and another thing is that if you want to know conspiracies about government, and if you’re after investigative things like the unsolved mystery case of Elisa Lam which die and found her body found in a water tank and there’s a lot more here..

 A List of Alien Sighting and Abduction Report (Project Blue Book)

Project Blue Book is a list of report by people who have seen UFO, Aliens or some sort which has been gathered by the United State Air Force. This started on 1952 but has been shut down by the government and Ordered to be Classified on 1970.



Alien Footage ( Don't know if Hoax or not )

This Alien Footage has been downloaded by some guy and uploaded it in an FB Group for DeepWebbers. This footage is said to be caught on Area 51..


Video Footage of Elisa Lam at Elevator Before She Died

Elisa Lam's Case maybe the most mysterious case you might ever heard because this case only last for a month and even the suspect remains unknown. Elisa Lam died and found her body on a water tank on the roof of Cecil Hotel and it has been there for 3 weeks and the most weird thing is that the rooftop has a door that only employee has and if the door has been forced opened it will trigger an alarm and another thing is that the Lid of the water tank is too heavy to be carry by 1 or 2 people.The most weird thing here is that the elevator's footage which only Elisa Lam last found alive... 


Why You Must Not Access Deepweb 

Uhm... I don’t really think that I need to tell why you must not access deepweb since we all know that this thing is dangerous. But as I said that deepweb are made for good things which change when people started know this and they start putting sites that deals with illegal transactions such as selling drugs like weeds, coke etc… and they even sell guns with or without certificate like pistols, machine guns and a lot of various type of guns… and they even sell services such as hacking a something, killing someone, and a lot more and they can even torture people too for you which they call “Red Room” and how is this kind of transaction happen without government or police knowing well just like what we are earning here at Bitlanders, they use Bitcoin so they will still remain anonymous. Even though Government and FBI are observing stuffs like this on deepweb, they can’t still find people involve and people who are selling those stuffs here and what they can only do is Block and Remove the sites but still the site will run again in a different link or sometimes with a different names.. And those are not the worst part you might get caught by FBI once you download, transact, and more once they find your real ip address they migh track you and be waking up on jail. Well there’s a lot of negative sides deepwebbing have it might make you sick and be traumatized by things you’re gonna see here like the “Red Room” , people eating humans or most commonly known as Cannibalism, a lot more ...  

Site the Sells Drugs 

Silkroad is the most common site that sells drugs and stuffs on DeepWeb and it is have been blocked by the FBI alot of times but still this site run again and again.

Site that Sells Illegal Guns

Armory is one the common site for buying guns and what i mean by guns is that all kinds of guns from the weakest to the strongest ones.

Site for Hiring a Hitman 

Hire A Hitman is one site on Deepweb where you can hire a hitman and their target can be anyone but their prices for hiring them depends on who or what you want to kill the higher the rank of that person the higher the price.. 


This Might Traumatized You

Since We all know that there's a lot of things that you will see here at deepweb and in just in a wrong click it may take you into sites that has dirty stuffs like people being killed, people being tortured, child pornography or stuffs like that and when this things get into someone head, it might traumatized people or make people crazy or psychopath..... 

Deeper than Deepweb 

If you think that DeepWeb is the most horrifying way of surfing the Web when think again since there's alot more much deeper than deepweb and it is DarkWeb which contains just like deepweb but much deeper and this thing is not made for a purpose of military because thing's purpose is still unknown but some people say that it's purpose is for bad things. Most people even think that Dark Web and DeepWeb is the same but it is not.. And there's more deeper than deepweb but those i don't know but rumors on the FB Group said that classified stuffs on those are easily can be find on those king of things.... 






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