Definition Of A Man - Powerful Reminder

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i don't know the areas here,but ill tell you about the areas in Birmingham..
Sparkbrook.. Sparkhill.. everybody wants to became a Gangster..
Every single youngster wants to be a Gangster..
because they see these blood suckers who are driving their £50,000 cars..
Who haven't worked a day in their lives.. who have sucked the blood of other inocent people..
by pushing drugs.. and they see these people.. and say "yeah,thats what i wanna be.."
You know..'bad man walk..''bad man talk..'carry a 'piece'(gun)
What kind of people are these..really..? what kind of people do you immitate..?
People who will break up families.. because they're No1..
They will push drugs..they will leave children who are orphans.. and this is no exaggeration..
Have you ever seen a man who is on crack..?his son is a ORPHAN..
Because he had no impact in the life of his child..
look at all those parents who spend their life.. and they have lofty aspirations for their child..
And that child becomes a crackhead.. why..? because some punk out there..
wants to push drugs so he can have his big car..
And these are the role models our children have..
These are not men by Allah. MEN by Allah is what the Prophet(sws) defined as a MAN..
He was speaking to the Sahaba and he asked.."Who is th strongest..?"
And the sahabas said,"it is him who can overpower him.."(x2)
The Prophet (sws) said,"Its not them. its that man that when he becomes angry..he controls his anger.."

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