Democracy keeps extension in Afghanistan

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Democracy is the mass management system of governance. Before it is a political system, it is a culture and historical process that should pass its period to keep its place in the society. Democracy is the developed form of the primitive and elementary natural communities that all the members of a tribe get together to speak about important issues and matters. Mostly, the people did not have the same and equal right in decision making and sharing their ideas; it was rather related to their wealth and economical situation. By all these faults and defects, it was a better way than a personal decision making and autocracy.

Democracy is the most rational and logical form of governance in society. Most of the people vote to a government to take the responsibility and take control of their community affairs, but it does not mean to take control of their thoughts and speech, as it is a completely personal right. In a democratic country, it is the people and their votes that choose their government and leaders; election is the only way to be elected and elect someone. It leads the community from violence toward logic and rationality. It makes a situation that people try to achieve their requests by a democratic system and ways rather than non-democratic.

Afghanistan is one of the most backward countries in the world. This backwardness has different reasons, as geopolitical position, foreigners’ interventions, civil war, illiteracy, interior autocracy, discrimination based on religion, race and language, etc.  It experimented most of its life in autocratic government systems, in various forms of kingdom, republic, democratic republic, Islamic republics, and tribal regime of Taliban. Most of these government systems were secular. After 2001, a new government, political system and constitution are made. It is the most democratic government and political system which Afghanistan has had it forever. A new stream of political interactions between people started, violence and gun replaced to political campaigns and rationality, in most parts of the country. A new and powerful stream of media started in the community and attracted the people. The non-elective and tribal system of Taliban changed to an elective system which according to the law people’s vote is determining. From ten years up to now people are getting familiarization and experimenting the new system.

There are more obstacles which caused the growth of democracy in Afghanistan to slow down, and are called the growth hindrances of democracy in Afghanistan. First is the top to below structure of government system in Afghanistan. The president takes control of the total power in the country; most of the times he uses its power illegally and is not responsible to the parliament. Linguistic, racial and religious formations in the society and decision making parts of the country is a very big problem that does not let the democracy and democratic institutions take forms. It leads the country out of the democracy way. Terrorism and Taliban, a terrorist group which does not believe in democracy, tried to stop democracy in the country. They assassinated and killed intellectuals, journalists, social and political activists many times. They did what they were able to do, to stop democracy and intellectual movements in the country. Less prepared and unready background of Afghanistan is also a very important hindrance toward democracy and its growth.

The only way to keep Afghanistan improving, developing and keep it out of civil war and foreigners interventions is to keep democracy in the governance system of the country. Without a system that all the people of Afghanistan thinks it democratic and according to their votes, it is not possible to keep Afghanistan in peace. 

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