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Democracy is the most popular form of government. It is supposed to be the best way of governing the people.

In a democracy, nearly all the people of a country are free to elect their rulers. Thus when a general election is there, all persons above a certain age can vote. They can give votes to any candidate or any political party they like. The candidates or political parties getting the highest number of votes come into power.

A democratic government works for the people of the country. It is elected by the people. They know that if it does not work well, the people will not elect it again. In democracy people are free to express their ideas freely. They can criticize the government. The elected representatives of the people can speak freely in assemblies, so the people take interest in the affairs of the country. They feel their duties.

In a good democracy newspapers and the press are also free. They can discuss the affairs of the country as they like. But they do not write anything against their nation or country.

Democracy can work well if common people are educated and prosperous. Then the people can vote wisely and freely. They can also understand the affairs of the country.

We should decide to create the best social, political and economic conditions for the promotion of national unity and for democratic progress.

Democracy will die its natural death if we do not put an end to the major evils likes bribery, corruption economic inequality and feudalism or jagirdari at their top.

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