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Democracy is a combination of two words.Word"demos" means people and words "kratos" means power.In short,democracy means power of the people.
American president Abraham Lincoln said that "democracy is the government of the people,by the people and for the people".


Democracy began with Greeks where people gathered in a stadium and choose their member by show of hands.The Romans had no obvious concept of democracy.The Muslims have democratic mind based on a Quarnic teachings. Modern democracy and dictatorship are enemies to each other. A depreives the rights of people and crushes his opposition. Communist dictators insulted and dragged their  people.
Democracy is very popular form of government. It needs certain conditions for its success and long life. The people should be educated, honest and sincere. The people should cast their votes without any greediness.


Basic rights should be provided in all respects like freedom of speech etc. Economic justice should also prevail for everyone. Election should be fair and free. Equal rights should be ensured for everyone.
 It is also said that "democracy is better than a strong dictatorship."


Today, every country claims to be a democratic state. Democracy is a responsible way. Majority votes  in its  favour. Democracy needs no blood and fire. It trains the people by regular elections and creates harmony by public meetings. It reduces hardship and problems of the people.Nobody can defeat a true democratic nation. Opposition is always a second part of government. Opposition is very useful for nation because it checks the elected government from misusing its powers and going against national interest.
 But democracy has also demerits. It is popular in the third world countries. The rulers misuse their powers  and collect wealth. The rich become richer and poor still poorer in these countries. People  are denied basic human rights and freedom.

 Islam believes in democracy based on virtue, welfare and brotherhood. Even majority cannot change or violate the principles of Holy Quran and Sharia.

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