Dengue Fever

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This fever is caused by bit of specific kind of mosquito.special about this mosquito is that it has white stripes on its body it bit only at day time usually from 02 to 03 hours after sun rise and 02 to 03 hours before sunset.usually dengue fever causes from bit of female mosquito.                                                               Identification of the disease
The presence of virus of this disease in the human body can be detect from blood test in the laboratory.there fore many doctor advise us to check our blood test on monthly basis if any cause in the body can be detected at early stage.                                                                                                                       Indication
The specific indication of this disease are a man have fever ,severe headache,cold and flu.he feel pain in his body fell pain in his backbone and joint.He feel pain behind eyes.There are presence of red spot on the body and if serious illness bleeding start from different part of body such as mouth,nose.                                                                                                Precation
If we follow little bit of precation we will preven our selves from dengue fever and thus we prevent ourselves from.
(1) We should keep our houses and work place protected against mosquitoes.(2) We should keep our houses bright and moisture free.(3)we fix nets on door and windows.(4) we should wear sleeve clothes.(5)we use mosquito nets while sleeping.(6)water should not accumulate in any case both inside or out side  the house.(7)we should clean our houses.

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