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 This mass vaccination program had been an issue for about a week in the Philippines about 800,000 children had been vaccinated by this untested drug for dengue. It is said that this program is implemented very fast and does not complete its required trial phases, while this vaccine is not tested the former president of Philippines Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino pushed this program to his D.O.H secretary and his budget secretary for election purposes. He is meeting with the pharmaceutical company Sanofi and discussed the terms in this vaccine program.


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This vaccine is harmful for a child age 12 below and who is sero negative. It means that this vaccine only works for children who contracted the virus earlier. The problem of this vaccination program are the children who are vaccinated is not sero negative and there is no risk advisory from the DOH that the child who do not contract the virus will be infected by dengue after the vaccination and will show symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever including low platelet count, sever diarrhea, enlargment of organs, and death.

So far there are only 26 cases of deaths as of today related to Dengvaxia vaccine and it is said that this number will continue to rise according to doctors.

I will takle the other part of the story in my next blog DENGVAXIA COVER UP tommorow.

I hope that I have raised your awareness that you should protect your child and do not trust the government too much.

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