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Deputy Commissioner Haripur paid surprise visit to Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Ghazi on 10.11.2015 at 10:30 AM. Mr. Faisal Zaman, MPA PK -52, Mr. Adil Islam, Nazim District Government and Mr. Jehanzeb, Assistant Commissioner, Ghazi were also present during the visit.

The following issues of alarming nature were noted needing immediate attention of the authorities to address the same on war footing basis to make the unit the best service provider.

1) Cleanliness Of The Hospital.
Deputy Commissioner Haripur noted that the cleanliness of the Hospital was not upto the mark, each and every corner including wards, washrooms & generally viewed portions were full of dirt and filth and was presenting the miserable sanitation condition. The factor behind this ugly situation is that Management of the Hospital is not keen in running the administrative matters effectively. DHO should undertake frequent visits to the Hospital for ensuring the cleanliness and better environment to the patients / visitors. Assistant Commissioner, Ghazi is also required to ensure frequent visits to all the Health / Educational facilities existing in his area of jurisdiction and submit report.

2) Non-Provision Of Free Medicines To The Patients.
It is the initiative of Provincial Government that free medicines out of the stock of the Government Hospitals may be provided to indoor patients. During the inspection, it came to know that despite the availability of medicines in the Hospital stock, indoor patients were not being provided the same. The medicines of the Hospital were kept in a dark dingy room situated away from the patients / doctors approach which needs to be shifted in the central place of the Hospital immediately. Assistant Commissioner, Ghazi & DHO, Haripur to ensure that medicine as per government policy are being given to the indoor patients. The necessary medicines which have been reported short may be arranged by DHO, Haripur on emergent basis.

3) Private Practice.
Reportedly Dr. Fouzia a Gynecologist conducts evening practice / operation at THQ Hospital privately which is the sheer violation of the government policy. DHO / MS THQ Hospital, Ghazi were directed not to allow her to continue private practice during odd hours in the Hospital, if she does not refrain and mends her ways, she should be proceeded against under the prevailing rules.

4) Blood Donors.
Assistant Commissioner, Ghazi and MS THQ Hospital to coordinate with Schools / Colleges for Blood Donation by the students and proper enlistment be made so that the concerned student should be coordinated at the time of need.

5) Posting of Surgical Specialist.
It was observed that Operation Theater section had been established since long where all necessary equipments / facilities are available but due to non posting of Surgical Specialist, the same high valued equipment are wasting. The health department may appoint / post any Surgical Specialist Doctor on emergent basis for provision of health care facilities to the needy patient.

The Deputy Commissioner Haripur would pay sporadic raids to the Health facilities regularly. All concerned are required to address the issues highlighted above and special focus be made upon cleanliness and service delivery. No lethargy on this score shall be tolerated.


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