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Deputy Commissioner Haripur alongwith Sub-Engineer (Waseem Razzaq) TMA Office Haripur visited the under mentioned scheme to inspect the work at site physically.

Name of scheme: WSS Pind Jamal Khan to New Abadi.
Union Council: Rehana
Constituency/Area: PK-50
Total Approved Cost: Rs. 1.430 Million 
Source of Fund: DLF 2013-14
Executing Agency: TMA Haripur.

The work carried out by the contractor has been measured at site and found that:-

1. Length of the laid pipeline was 920 ft and whereas payment made to the contractor on 22/12/2014 was for 1437 ft as per 2nd running bill, thus making a difference of 517 ft on ground, resulting in overpayment for 517 ft of pipes which was not actually found at site

2. According to work order the completion period of the scheme was 06 months & completion was required by the end of February 2015, which is still lying incomplete as noted on 06.11.2015 during inspection.

TMO Haripur was directed to proceed against Sub Engineer concerned who made entries in MB on conjecture/imaginary basis while sitting in office. The concerned contractor may also be got blacklisted.

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