Deputy Commissioner, Haripur -Report -20 kpk

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Assistant Commissioner Haripur, Mr. Mohammad Arif Khan carried out an anti encroachment operation 0n 12.11.2015 alongwith TMA Haripur, Traffic Inspector Haripur and Local Police in order to remove temporary encroachments from Panian Chowk, Main Bazaar- Tarbella Road upto Adda Darband.

During anti encroachment drive, illegal Tharas/push carts were removed from the road . Shopkeepers/encorachers were warned and directed not to occupy footpaths/pavement again and if any observed in future, they will be dealt strictly. 
Traffic Police were directed to ensure that there is no hindrance in the smooth flow of traffic especially from Sheranwala Gate upto Darband Adda.

TOR, TMA Haripur was directed to depute staff in the bazaar area to remove the rehri/tharas if found in the city area. The exercise will continue with regular intervals.

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