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            I started this account the other day, and since then I've been wondering what I'm gonna do with it. I believe I've made a desicion to use this account to post poetry and occasionally rant about things I dislike. I think it would be interesting to share my inner thoughts with the world, so with out any further delay I'll share my first poem

"Hopefully Homebound"

Wading through darkness the wandering soul has no light

He walks eternally in search of what once stood proudly above all

the happiness of loving friends and family

the joy of a worry free lifestyle

foolishly he searches for it

but there is no such place anymore

the darkness swallowed it

many years ago

but there is still hope

and as long as he can hold on to it

he will refuse to give it up

I realize this can be viewed as a depressing poem, and I realize that that may not be what everyone wants to read, but don't worry cause that's not all I do. For lack of inspiration I decided to write about something that's plaguing many people these days. I don't know how often I'll be posting these poems after the first week, but for this week I'll be posting daily




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