Design and capacity analysis in steel structures

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Design and capacity analysis:


               It is the process in which we are given by some design function like loads, length and strength etc. and we have to find out the cross-sectional dimensions.

  • Loads, span length, required strength are given (known)
  • Cross-sectional dimensions are unknowns in designing.
  • Types of construction materials to be used and their properties are decided.
  • Construction practice, availability of materials & labor, and machinery are also to be considered.
  • Experience and initiative feeling for the structural behavior are also important.
  • Sound knowledge of principles of statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials and structural analysis is required for good design.

Capacity analysis:

  • It is opposite to the design. In this case x-sectional dimensions are known.
  • Load, span length, strength are unknown.
  • It is carried out to check the already.

Design structure:

Material properties span and x-section details are known in capacity analysis while load carrying capacity of the member or structure is evaluated.

Evaluated capacities are compared with the applied loads. If applied load is lesser than the capacity of the member then the design and capacity analysis are important.