Designing of PID for Ball and Beam system (Part 1)

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 Today i am going to write about one of the project that i did in control system subject. I present the first part of it and later second part will be presented to you tomorrow. This is basically a control system project which i study during my degree of BS Electronics Engineering and in the 6th semester.

The objective of this project is to learn the important role of mathematical models of physical system of cruice control and then stabilize and the design PID controller and analysis of  system using MATLAB.


In this Project we are going to analyze mathematical model transfer function and PID of Ball and Beam system and then analyse it by using MATLAB. 



The ball and beam systems also called ‘balancing a ball on a beam’. It can usually be found in most university control labs. It is generally linked to real control problems such as horizontally stabilizing an airplane during landing and in turbulent airflow. The significance of the ball and beam system is that it is a simple system which is open-loop. Even if the beam is restricted to be very nearly horizontal, without active feedback, it will swing to one side or the other, and the ball will roll off the end of the beam. To stabilize the ball, and to to control the position of the ball to a desired reference point, and reject disturbances a system which measures the position of the ball and adjusts the beam accordingly must be used.


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