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Ṣalaḥ ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub (Salahuddin Ayyubi) a great Muslim warrior and leader says, "If you want to destroy any nation without war, produce adultery or nakedness common in the new age group." And its hundred percent true. This quote of Salahuddin Ayyubi is now applying on youth of Pakistan.

In this time Indian media is doing the same thing. Film industry of India called Bollywood. Bollywood is making films full of shit which is destroying our nation and making our new age group shameless. In Indian films dialogs, dance and especially there song lyrics i.e. Sheila ki jawani and muni ki badnami are affecting the personality of our young generation. On the other hand due to action movies crime rate is increasing among youngsters.

At one hand Indian while on other western media doing the same job. As there are rules in Pakistan against adultery so not only youngsters but also aged ones download and watch porn videos to fulfill their desires which is affecting their health and mind. And now we Pakistanis are world no one adult movie watchers.

At national level Pakistan telecommunication authority PTA is blocking this type of websites from past few years to prevent this all. But at individual level parents have to talk about these matters with their children.           


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