Developing a Customized Software

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If none of pre-written software packages meets the specific requirements of any organization, and if the organization has an in-house software development team, the organization can choose to develop a customized software package in-house for its requirements. We follow the following steps for in-house development of a software package.



The organization first constitutes a project team to develop the software.


  • The team studies the requirement and plans functional modules for the software.


  • It then identifies the functional modules, which in team has to develop. It also identifies existing pre-written software, which can meet the requirements for other functional modules.


  • For the functional modules that team needs to develop, the team next plans their programs and does coding, testing, debugging, and documentation for the planned programs.


  • The team then tests all the modules in an integrated manner.
  • The team then deploys the software for use by users.
  • The users then use the software and the project team members responsible for maintenance activities maintain it.


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