Diary #1

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hello guys,,, how are you today? i hope all of the best things happen to your life. and so i'm i today i have an exciting experience. well happy reading.

today is a good day, why? because today i have a good things to tell to you guys... this story began when i woke up in the morning with somebody knock my door early. directly, i ran in to the door and open it. and you know who it was? it was my manager out there, and she wanted to me to be ready to went to the wakatobi tourism place. suddenly i was wondering that what is event in there? then i offer my manager to had a sit while waiting for me to preparing my stuf. directly i run in to bath tube to took a bath.

when finished showering , suddenly a rope linked the foot and a plastic bag of flour fell right in my head . I was shocked and shouted in unison . aaaaa .... then someone sang a song " Congratulations you 've just hit the trap batman from us in the event the artist cheated " . I was shocked and upset but I am glad to see everyone who was in the house laugh to see me being bullied . My manager then took me back to the bathroom and explained the purpose of the event that I had just experienced. shortly after ridding me to follow a series of events with a happy heart .

in my heart saying , " how how could I let my manager was heavily like this , but that's a TV show , there's always the act that they make. like I had just experienced.
so my diary at this time thanks because hopefully you have read pleased with my story .
I'll see you again in the next diary ... bye


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