Diesel Power Station

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Diesel power station the diesel engine used as a prime mover the diesel engine drives of this combustion act as the to produced the mechanical energy converts the electrical energy this electrical enery produced this cost are very high there fore the the power station such has used to the produced the small power generation


1-     Desin and layout the plant are quite and simple

2-     Size of the auxiliaries is small

3-     Located in the plant  at any place

4-     Start the short time pick up load in the short time

5-     This plant is no losses on stand by

6-     Very less quantity require the water to cool the cooling plant’

7-     Thermal efficiency is very high

8-     This plant start and continues the plant is require very less stuff


1-     Very high cost to plant the running as fuel charges diesel

2-     Under over load the plant is no work

3-     The plant generate the very small power produced

4-     Lubricant cost is very high

5-     Maintenance cost is already is very high of this plant

Arrangment the Diesel power station

Fuel Supply System

Very important is the fuel storage for the all day running the plant of diesel station the fuel oil is supply at the plant site through the rail and road this stored the storage the fuel tank..

Cooling System:-

The heat released by the burning of fuel in the engine conertd in to  work the cooling system is provided consist of a water source pump and cooling towers the cool water are round on the machinery of diesel plant the cool water are used to the

cooling of system like as engine genartor  and other machinery of the plant

Engine starting system

Small set are started manually by handles but for the large units the fuel is admitted remming cylinders which makes the engine start under use to power

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