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Generally, everyone desiderates to look smart and perfect. The fact is, in these days, the more a girl is slim and thin, the more she looks beautiful and desirable. The girls do dieting to be so. Eating is too much controlled, but I think it seems to be vanishing in dieting. It makes one beautiful, slim and smart but on the other hand it has many side effects.



Only one glass of juice, one serving of fruit and cereal in a whole is not adequate for being healthy. This routine of food halts the freshness of face; weight reduces to much extent that leads to unhealthy body and imperfect skin. It causes wrinkled skin and makes it extra lean.



The body does not retain willing to perform any sort of drudgery and makes it dull and exhausted every time. The one who takes ample food is willing to endeavor hard. But, unluckily, it has become a fashion to do dieting to satisfy the people’s demands about beauty.



In actual, dieting makes one superficially fit and perfect but destroys its interior and the power of doing any kind of activity. But recent generation in spite of knowing its future horizons, retain doing this evil about health.