Difference in old and new ways of communication

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Hundred of years ago peple use to travel from one country to other or  from one city to other city through the use of horses,donkeys,camels.Many of them were not having any sources of travel so they use their feet for journey.People living in dark time.

There was not fast way of communication for them.People were unware of the happenings occuring around them.But as time passed evolution came in every thing.Different ways of communication were invented.Journey of thousand of miles became in hours and minutes.

Telecommunication made this thing more easier.Use of aeroplanes,mobile phone,internet and many other modern things change this huge world into a Global village.This means that every place every thing in this world came in the reach of every one.

Even a labourer have a mobile phone in his hand now.Communication is becoming easy and effective.Everyday new devices and technologies are becoming popular.Communication ways are improving day by day.In the last as the technologies are progressing day by day one day will come when the whole world will be under the cover of these new technologies.


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