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Do you have a keen ear and great attention to details? This blog post is for you.

Listening, like speaking is a skill that is inherent to most people. An individual may have several skills that we are really good at.  Sometimes, we discovered these skills at an early age, while some skills may be discovered at a later part. The discovery of these skills would depend on how often we are exposed to instances of using these abilities.

This is one reason why we are being exposed to different subjects and extracurricular activities during our primary years. The teachers can somehow tell from among the students who have a skill in a particular field. We all have our own set of skills and we are lucky if, at an early age, we already know where we are good at. Once we know our skill, we can focus on developing it in order to make use of it either on a business or for employment. So if you are good in mathematics, you can be an engineer, a math teacher. Same way if you are good in English, you can be a good English teacher, a writer, etc. Discovering our skills is crucial in knowing what specific career we can pursue in the future. 

The good thing is many individuals have the listening skill which can be developed and can give us amazing benefits especially if we use this with our work.

The Listening Skill


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Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process.

Listening is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood. As a result, communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated.

Source: SkillsYouNeed

When I searched for the different careers that can be associated with listening, several options have come up. These are police officers and detectives, judges, physicians, broadcast and sound engineering technicians and marriage/family counselors.

What I mentioned above are some of the common careers that require a good listening skill. But what we are going to talk about today are those careers that we can do online. We know that online platform offers different kinds of work which we can do at the comfort of our home. Skills such as web development, writing, analytic thinking, design, and marketing are only some of the skills that an individual needs in order to land a good job in the online field.

Online Jobs that Require Listening Skill


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Similar to that of the offline world, we can choose from different types of online work. Some people thought that all online jobs are the same. Which is NOT TRUE.  Even if we are working online, we can also choose from the different field of work and concentrate on the one which we are capable of doing. If there are online work that requires writing skill, there are also work that can be best done with those individuals who have an excellent listening skill

Here they are:



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Transcribing is the process of recording a piece of audio into a readable format. While taking notes may be helpful, transcribing is more accurate hence, more reliable than that information derived from taking notes. 

3 Types of Transcribing

(1) Verbatim


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Verbatim is a transcribing method that captures the exact words delivered by the speaker. It also includes fillers such as 'ums', 'ahhs' or clearing of a throat. Background sounds should also be captured.  If you would like to engage in this kind of activity, you should have a keen ear and great attention to details. 

(2) Edited


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Edited transcription may include some corrections into the transcribed document. This may include correction of grammars which the speaker may commit when talking. It also removes the background noise and other unnecessary phrases or words.

(3) Intelligent

Intelligent verbatim transcription, also known as clean transcripts, is a popular style of transcription that represents recorded speech into text while editing out the fillers and repetitions that may distract from getting at the content of the interview. Source

There are some sites that offer transcription jobs which we may try out for additional income.  Popular sites for transcribing are Transcribe Me, Quicktate. Scribie, AccuTran Global and Rev. Gaining experience on this job can be a good thing to consider before starting to jump into this field. Although there may be some sites that accept workers with no skills yet they also give low rate.

Watch this video to gain more knowledge about transcription jobs. 

Video Credits: Angie Nelson via YouTube

Call Reviewing


Image Credits: ScienceFreak via Pixabay

Another online earning activity that requires listening skill is 'call reviewing'.  The main task involved in this kind of work is to listen to pre-recorded conversations and perform the task required based on the category you are doing.

Calls are grouped into basic and advanced categories. Basic categories may involve identifying whether the call was connected or not and the exact time the call was connected. Basic categories are the usual categories being given to new members of the site. These categories are the prerequisites before the advanced categories may be unlocked. 


Image Credits: Alles via Pixabay

Listening intently and understanding each call closely would be helpful in order to earn a considerable amount from the site. Maintaining, a high accuracy rating is necessary in order to unlock categories that offer high payment. 

As of now, the only online site that I personally tried giving call reviewing work is Humanatic. They accept members around the world. The main requirement is a verified PayPal account. 



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Captioning is a method of creating captions for television, movie or video captions for the hearing impaired. We can see these in some movies. We might get confused between a sub-title and caption so here is the difference.

Captions are a text version of the spoken part of a television, movie, or computer presentation. They are in the language of the medium rather than a translation to another language. 

Subtitles are translations for people who don’t speak the language of the medium. These accompany foreign films for example.

Source: cieol24.com

Companies invest for captioning in compliance to a government regulation,  the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010, CVVA. This is also one way to reach more audience, thus more revenues for the company. 


Image Credits: Clker Free Vector Images via Pixabay

Here are some of the online sites that offer work for captioning: Aberdeen, CaptionMax, Caption Media Group, Indeed,  and Flexjobs.  I haven't personally tried this kind of work and the links I provided are only for easy access to the sites mentioned. Stay tuned for more information about these sites which I will be featuring in my succeeding blog posts. 

Here is another video which will tell us what a captioning job is all about.

Video Credits: You and Me This Morning via YouTube

Things You Should Know Before Engaging Into These Kinds of Works

  • Work from these sites may not be available at all times. Meaning, there may be times when there will be no available jobs. 
  • Being accurate is an important factor in order to earn more from these activities. 
  • Internet speed is crucial since we need to play audios in order to perform the tasks. 


Final Words...

Listening skill can be developed with constant practice. Along with other skills such as writing and giving attention to details, we can surely find a good source of income during the time we are spending online. 

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