Different parts of computer and there works

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Computer is a human invention that man is a thinking man's brain, which shows we will not, and is not a change of thinking in the same way a person wants it easy whenever your need for something takes.

If we speak of different parts of it and how to use them, then we can see that there are some parts that his view that our eye can see and we can. These are some of the parts

  1. keyboard
  2. mouse
  3. monitor
  4. speaker


Some parts of the computer that we can see and we can apply his hand if we talk about of their work as a separate task for each part its own keyboard is used to write us anything we, with the help of the computer, and any input we receive of him, gives out.

The mouse to take a similar job with the help of which we can be open toanything and no one can run the file or object or band. In addition, we need tomonitor this one of a kind ' of anything have a TV speakers sound the same andin the same way, we need to look at some parts of this account and are working too. And cpu called the central proceassing of computer its al;so called the brain of computer because all the work done in this part. It’s the main part of computer.

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