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Digieuro.de‬ is a new ‪cryptocurrency‬ Till end of the year they give away 1 Million DEUR. They have also an Afiiliate-Programm

Claim your free 50 DEUR now

We have a new Euro! Who wants to have a DigiEuro (SHA 256)? Until 12/31/2015, every few DEUR receive free, for a total of 1 million DEUR.

Exactly when the currency was lifted from the baptism, I still could not understand. Details of the site (FAQ) based on the value of a DEUR corresponds exactly to 1 Euro. Although this sounds very solid, Cryptsy accept DigiEuro happily go to vote now , but with the recognition of the course can change rapidly. Queries can be on site in the "Shopping".
Under "questions" it was published a FAQ. Here it is also a link where you can participate in the affiliate program to earn some DEUR.
Under "Info" there are no details about the function and extracting DEUR including guidelines for installation and Wallet API DigiEuro. The payment protocols draw winners will be published every day. About maximum amount I could not find, perhaps this information is hidden somewhere. On cryptocurrency filesharing it has not yet been found. When you have to wait a bit 'as DEUR developed in the near future and if it can establish itself. On coinmarketcap.com currently lists 615 currencies, the competition is so great.

Claim your free 50 DEUR now

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