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My niece's 2nd birthday invitation template I made through Adobe Photoshop. Click the original post (click here)

My niece had just celebrated her 2nd birthday last February 10, 2012. We celebrated her birthday party just last Sunday, February 10, 2012 because her dad arrived a day after her birth date.


Before her birthday, we already prepared everything for her party like the invitation letters and tarpaulin as well. I was assigned for those two. A few days before the event, I sent the invitation letters via LBC. 


And I am giving away the designs for free. If you have a baby girl, I bet you will love this. On the PSD file, just make sure to hide Aiesha's and add your own photo, the texts are also editable however, you need to make sure that you have a copy of font files so to use the same face but if you want a different one, you are free to change it.


Fonts used are: International Playboy for the invitation details and Tangerine for the word You're Invited! Those are all free fonts, you can google them and surely you will find a site where you can get them for free as well.


You are not obliged to give credits however I will appreciate it if someone will.

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