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Digital Camera

  • Attach the digital camera with USB post or wire fire port on system unit
  • Coping images form digital camera storage media to hard disk is just like coping images from any other hard disk.


  • Studio camera
  • Field camera
  • Point-and-shoot camera

The most expensive and highest quality camera is studio camera

  • A field camera is used by photojournalists
  • A point-and-shoot camera is much more affordable and light weight and provide acceptable image quality for home and small business. Some of the features of point-and-shoot camera are
  • Special effects
  • Zoom
  • Flash
  • Can record audio narrations for images
  • Can record short video clips
  • have built-in TV out port that allow to display images directly on television


  • Sharpness and clearness of an image is called its resolution.
  • Quality of a camera is measured by its resolution. Resolution is defined in pixels.
  • Pixel is smallest element in an electronic image. Greater the number of pixels per inch(ppi)higher the resolution better the quality of image.

For Example:

1600x1200 ppi =2megapixel camera

Digital camera resolution range from approx (1 million to 6 million pixels(MP).

  • 1-megapixel camera is fine for screen displays, web pages and e-mail attachments.
  • Higher the resolution more expensive the camera
  • Lower the ppi ,you can capture more images in camera for example:

800x600 ppi might capture 61 images if it has sufficient storage capacity .the number of images reduce to 24 if camera is set at 1600x1200ppi

Resolution types:

  • Optical Resolution
  • Enhanced Resolution

Enhanced Resolution

Enhanced resolution is higher than optical resolution because it uses a special formula to add pixels between those generated by optical resolution

  • Another measure of digital camera quality measure is number of bits stores in pixel.
  • Each pixel consist of 1 or more bits of data
  • One bit per pixel is enough for simple one-color image but for more sharpness more than 1 bit of data. point-and-shoot camera has 24 bits per pixel


How digital camera works

  • To take a image, light passes through lens of camera
  • The image is focus on a chip called charge-coupled device(CCD)
  • The CCD generates an analog signal that represents the image
  • The analog signal is converted to digital by analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Digital signal processor(DSP) adjusts the quality of image and store it on storage media
  • Image is transfer to computer's harddsik by plugging one end of the cable to camera and other end into computer