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Digital image processing is the modern and advance technology which process on the photos or images or video potage. Its advantages are the important aspect of human’s life, now a day x-rays is the main important application of Digital Image processing. Before x-rays it was very difficult to examine human bone of his body because the doctor have to cut the body skin and flash to know about the bone of the body either it is crack or damaged or not.


            In this modern stage the importance of the DIP is more clear and accurate. Like we can see that in the security purpose the Digital Image processing show its benefits like CCTV camera captured the images for further process of DIP to sketch and find out the miscellaneous person.

In sensitive area there are some cameras fixed who record the peoples around the building or bank who passes from that area near by a building? The object of the camera is to focus the person who is danger and or may be a terrorist. Using DIP concept the computer operates on the video and find out the person who is more danger. The software of DIP is set to be able to find out the unique behavior of the person on which the basis the computer nominate that person and the security guards are directed to that person in order to cease that.

            Now a day there are automatic doors in some buildings or cash and carry centers, which open automatically when someone want to pass by that door, because there are some sensor fixed in the door whose task is to take an image of the person who want to pass by that door and to process on that image in order to open the door for a person.   

Electronics Door are also the application of the DIP, because there are electronics card who is used for opening the door. A DIP machine is fixed in the door and special card design for it can open this door by showing that card.

Remote sensing: Remote sensing is one of the important applications of DIP. You can control different system with remote control like you can change the channels of the TV, you can set the thermostat of the AC, and the most modern remote control is the drone which is being controlled without any Pilot but controlled by the controller who operates on the Computer.

            “Gama rays”, “X-rays”, “Microwave”, and “infrared” are useful and famous applications of Digital Image processing. Microwave oven is now a useful and very helpful concept of DIP.

The technology of DIP is developing day by day.

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