Digital Nomads: A Natural Progression Towards Self Autonomy

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While some people are fortunate enough to love their job, the vast majority of us go to work because it's the only option we have if we want to live comfortably in modern society. The bills don't pay themselves and unless you are an exceptional artist or sports player, or you're lucky enough to have some other hobby as your job, the activities you get joy from are usually reserved for those few hours where you're not being a worker. A Gallup poll suggests that only 13 percent of people actually like going to work: Washingtonpost


But what is it that we don't like about our jobs the most?

The easy answer is the fact that our job is something most of us don't want to do (at least every day). But there are a lot of elements to that. Jobs take us away from our family and friends, they prevent us from being creative simply for fun, they force us to spend time commuting early in the morning, we have to conform to dress codes, we have to co-exist with co-workers and clients even if we wouldn't choose to be their friends outside of work, we have to live relatively close to the location of the job - the list of inconveniences are endless.


With no office or base of operations the world is the digital nomad's oyster. One day you're visiting the Great Wall of China, the next you're browsing the markets on Bangkok. Instead of the same caffeinated faces every morning, you're meeting interesting people from many different cultures. You couldn't ask for a more enriching lifestyle.

Finding work

One of the companies that is hiring the digital nomad workforce is dr-discount. They try to build a young balanced team of digital nomads who can work from every location they want. For them this is a great way to maintain a happy workforce and find a solution for the new way of working.

The future of digital nomadisme

We all can agree that this new way of working is passed being a “one day fly” and is rooting itself in all corners of our workforce. I am writing this article as a digital nomad myself. Having traveled more than 50 countries in the last two years, I promise: “You don’t want to go back to your 9-to-5 job after this.



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