Digital Photography : The Praying Mantis

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Slowly and without any sound at all, this praying mantis started walking along a Lansones tree branch in my friend’s place in Dumaguete City. We were invited to join a celebration for her nephew’s birthday, that morning, I am glad to see this praying mantis and believed it is a great subject. So I grabbed my camera and press the shutter. This is a great entry for my wordless Wednesday which I had been maintaining in my previous blog but I had stopped updating that and the hosting has also expired.

Now that I have bitlanders now, I am posting this to also show you what I had been up to before I went to Dubai. This is one of my favorite photos actually. But I know I am no-good to those professional photographers. This is just my hobby and that I am not really that good at it, I know there are still things that I need to learn in terms of photography.

Hope you like this photo entry!

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