Digital Scrapbook : Collage Effect

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It is a rewarding feeling when you found someone who shares the same interests as you. I love the fact that my boyfriend and I share the same love of going out of our homes and spend time at a place we never been to before. We had this kind of goal that we should have our weekly date at a place we never have been before and this was one of them. We had shared photos of ourselves when we were in those places.

This one was taken in Naga city Cebu. It was one of the thousands of places or towns here in Cebu which I had never been to as well as James. He can pass by it but never really had checked the place.

The best layout that i could think of was a collage type and so I guess the color combination might have not suited best for the photos but i made this three years ago I guess and I was still a novice with photoshop before

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