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Another favorite scrapbook page which I had made during our sixth anniversary. I was in Dubai at that time and that was the first time that we have to be apart from each other. It was a bit sad that we were not together for the first time but it was definitely fine because we know that deep in our hearts, we cherish that day.

I couldn't think of any other gift to give him than send this scrapbook page over to his Facebook wall. I was first planning to get it printed and send it to him via airmail but then the plans had changed and instead, I had to just send it over the internet. 

This shows our journey together, the first photo was when we were still in college, we were classmates, we are in the same scholarship and as well as organization. It was just in our senior year that we then became close which then ended to a more intimate relationship. Then came the career years and still we went to become stronger.

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