Digital Storytelling - A Powerful Technique for Afghan Students with the Examer Film Project

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How much do you spend everyday to read online articles and news? I am almost addicted to specific websites which I have to check it everyday and read their recent articles. I like reading the updates from Fast Company, Mashable and TechCrunch.

Recently I have found a very interesting topic in Mashable "Digital Storytelling Drives Social Change in off/Page Project", I found the word Digital Storytelling very strong and niche.

I know how do you feel now, I am sure that with the word storytelling, the first things which comes to your mind is lots of papers around, sitting on a chair, staring on the specific points to concentrate of what you are going to write, however, it is not the style which everyone wants to follow.

It needs to dedicate a lot of time and efforts to achieve what you want. But don't be panic and nervous. Do You want to tell stories? Then, let's do it together on how we can efficiently and easily overcome it.

Now it is the time to get the benefit out of Digital Storytelling. Have you ever heard about this sentence:

"A picture tells thousands words"

Yes, Digital storytelling is the representation of your story combining with Digital contents like, images, sounds, videos to create a clip or a photo gallery.

By putting your pictures together, following a purpose of presenting them to your audience you are literally going to tell your story to them.

Probably looking at this picture gives the viewer the chance to interact more with it. I think user can interact with the digital stories more than the written one as you might use your imagination while you are reading the book where I might said, "It was a sunny day and I took a ferry to go to a beautiful Island" than watching the picture and going through all the details.

We are launching the Examer Film Project for the students in High schools. If you have a story to tell, use your digital media's ability to represent it to the whole world and make people aware of your plot.

Looking forward to see Afghan students with their Digital stories collaborating with our Examer scholarship.


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