Digital Vector Painting With Mischief

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If you haven't heard of Mischief yet, go and find out about it right now.

I discovered it about a year and a half ago but like so many apps, it got lost in my Applications folder. I had only a short time to play with it and then it was back to work. But I just opened it again and realized what a HUGE breath of fresh air it is.

It paints like a pixel painting app (like Photoshop) but all the lines are vectors (like Illustrator or Flash). But it's SO ACCURATE. Flash's vectors of your drawn lines haven't changed in 10 years so their still horrible. Illustrator has changed a jot since the 90s while other apps (like this one) literally draw much better circles around it. That's the trouble with legacy.

Mischief's files are so small, it draws in real time so fast, you'll wonder how you lived with Adobe for so long and tolerated their disregard for functionality all these years. Better yet, if you haven't experienced Adobe, get started with Mischief and save yourself the headache.

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