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The production arm of Film Annex has just released it's latest Web Series project 'No Saints' directed by the legendary New York City independent film director Abel Ferrara. The project was conceived by Francesco and Tommaso Rulli as an example of how the Film Annex team can create a BUZZ around any corporation in a new and certainly unexpected way. As this was a new concept, what more fitting way to test it out then on Film Annex's sister company M.T.I. which is a leading fabric distributor to the top brands in the fashion industry. John Varvatos and Alexander Wang are two examples of the brands that deal with M.T.I. Travelling around the world seeking out the finest materials for these labels is a behind the scenes, rarely appreciated yet essential part of the success for EVERY fashion label. In the hands of the FIlm Annex production team in collaboration with Abel, our good friends at the M.T.I. office can boast to any one of their clients in New York or around the world that they are now the sexiest characters in the garment district.

The main intention of this Web Series is to broadcast to any corporation or individual that  Film Annex, as both a production house and massive online film distribution company that reaches an audience of millions, has the ability to create a spectacular BUZZ around a project that few others in the industry can offer. 

If your business is in need of a basic corporate interview, a behind the scenes documentation of a project, or a scripted fictional piece reminicent of  'The Office' with a famous director managing the set then Film Annex is your best solution for success. The 12 million unique monthly viewers who could potentially view your video is an amazing addition to the package that any company in need of exposure will have full access to.

 So if you desire to import drugs from China with your co-worker in the cubicle next to you please don't hesitate to call, we would love to shoot it and broadcast it to the world!


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