Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

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My last submission was about the advantages of mobile phones and you may have liked it a lot. Today I would like to describe the disadvantages of mobile phones and I'm sure that you will like it.
Dear friends, before I go ahead, first I would like to tell a brief overview of the mobile technology.

Mobile Phones:


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The mobile phone has become a compulsory part of our daily routine. Our life without the mobile device is no more expected. We are using a mobile phone in our daily routine the same as eating food. Our people need a mobile phone as this is compulsory for life and no one here you will see who don't have a good cell phone. Mobile phones have changed our life thoroughly and we are using this technology more than its usage.


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Mobile was initially made to contact with other people if we are away from home but this technology has changed our total lifestyle. There are many problems which are causing due to mobile phone devices. Our youngsters are overusing mobile phones.

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Now I will describe here some most known disadvantages of mobile phones which are causing problems in our daily life and disturbing us.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones:

Although mobile is a great invention of science and it is a great technology for us but there are some disadvantages of this technology which must be kept in mind. Here are some disadvantages of mobiles.

Waste of time:


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The mobile phone is made for calling purpose. This device is used today for many causes, such as for playing games, for watching movies and songs and so on which is just wastage of time. Our young generation is using mobile more than usual. They are wasting their precious time and they are busy wasting their time on it.

Waste of money:


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Mobile phone companies are introducing new and latest cell phones daily which makes our people interact for buying a new one. Our young people are buying the latest models daily and wasting their money. The money is not produced by trees. It is very difficult to earn even a penny but our people are wasting it on mobile devices which is totally waste of money. We should not buy a new phone if our old one is working good.

Moral values:


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Mobile usage and internet usage kills our moral values. Our religion prohibits it but internet usage makes it even more easy to find such a bad material and young people and our children see it. Our moral values are destroyed through bad websites and applications.

Causing of medical problems:


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Mobile phone over usage is also a big cause of many diseases and makes us ill. The worst usage of mobile phone makes our eyesight week and so we cause into trouble. Over usage of mobile also makes our mind tired and we feel difficult. Our people use mobile phones more than usual and their health goes weak. Our youngsters are using mobile games instead of playing outside sports which is also another cause of medical problems. This is also a big cause of being fat.

Telling lie:

People usually tell a lie through mobile phones. No one can trace the other person's location easily so it becomes the trouble and the other person takes advantage of it and tells a lie.

Students time waste:


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Students usually use mobile phones more than their routine and it affects on their education and they may fail in exams. Parents usually buy phones for their children which makes this problem. Some institutes also allow students to bring a cell phone with them and students keep focus on cell phones instead of education.

Love stories:


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Mobile usage makes girls and boys in flirt and they talk and message each other. Girls and boys fall in love and may cause in trouble. Usually, the girl runs away with a boy without knowing each other very well and creates trouble for their families. The fast-growing of love is only due to a mobile phone because contacting with each other is not harder.

Mobile in worshiping places:

Usually, people do not turn off their mobiles in mosques and church buildings which creates troubles for other people who came there for worship. People keep on using mobiles in mosques and it makes other people in trouble and they are interrupted.

During driving:

Our traffic rules strictly prohibit the use of the mobile phone during driving but most of our people use it during driving and don't think that it could be dangerous. This creates troubles for us. Most of the accidents occur due to mobile use while driving and it makes troubles for us.

Expensive phones:


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Keeping expensive phones with you is also a great problem. Thieves usually keep an eye on those people who have luxury mobiles and may snatch it. Sometimes you may also be injured due to it.

Using a cell phone while charging:

Usage of the cell phone, while it is being charged, is very dangerous and it may harm you. You should not use your phone while it is charging because it may explode and may harm you.

Used mobiles:


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Buying a used cell phone is not a good idea and creates problems. Sometimes a used phone may have come from a thief and may be stolen. If you buy it and the original owner traces it then you may feel trouble and he may fight with you. Sometimes a used phone is used in the crime and then sold in the market and may be traced later by police and if you buy it then you may be in trouble and you have to answer about it.


Disadvantages of mobile phones described in video;


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Dear friends, the mobile device has many advantages but we should also keep in mind its disadvantages and we should avoid them else we may be in trouble.

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