Discover the Right Hairstyle for Your Body Type

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Discover the Right Hairstyle for Your Body Type


Discover the right hairstyle for your body type

Before you get your hair cut, consider your body type! You may think that sounds crazy but each body type has a typical face shape, which should be taken into consideration when deciding how to cut your hair.

Angela Bethanie, my personal stylist and expert contributor on A Mom in Red High Heels, gave the following recommendations:

Balance and Texture

Hourglass Body Type Hairstyles

Hourglass Body Type: facial shape is usually rounded- either oval, long oval or round

Long hair: Deep side parting with longer fringe. Layers and texture are your best friend! If tucking hair behind the ear leave a little hair in front for a more tousled look.

Short hair- always make sure to leave a fringe (think lots of texture). Product you must have: Spray wax works best, hour glass body shapes need balance from top to bottom and a spray wax can give you instant texture whenever and wherever needed!

Add Angles!

Diamond Body Type Hairstyles

Diamond Body Type:  facial shape is curved/rounded

Your body shape and face shape are soft and curved.  Balance the roundness with angles like deep parts or lots and lots of fringe. Either a nice deep side swept bang or a long brow-grazing fringe.

Long hair: Longer layers help to balance out the bone structure in this facial shape.

Short hair: Choppy and textured.  Skip the volume!


Rock the Volume!

Triangle Body Type Hairstyle

Triangle Body Type: facial shapes usually have angles (square, triangle, diamond)

Adding width at the crown or forehead will look best with this face shape. Think layers in the back around the crown for width and height. Avoid choppy layers at jawline and cheek bones.  A triangle body type needs to draw attention to the upper body, a full volume hairstyle is a great way to do it!

Long Hair:  Keep layers starting below the jaw.

Short Hair:  Great for this face shape, you add lots of texture and body in the crown which will balance and compliant this face shape and keep the attention away from the chin.

Light and Airy!

Inverted Triangle Body Type Hairstyles

Inverted Triangle Body Type: Facial shapes usually have angles (square, triangle, diamond)

Long Hair: Layers, layers, layers especially starting at the jawline! Thinks choppy jaw length layers.  Your style should be light and airy, not heavy and thick!

Short Hair: Think chin length bob!

*Stay away from a strong bang.

Keep it Soft!


Rectangle Body Type: Facial shapes usually have sharp and square lines.

Strong shapes, heavy lines and angles are not your best friend here.  If doing a fringe go for shattered more airy and softer line. Side swept fringe will look the best.

Long Hair: Layers staring below the jaw line compliment this face shape the best.

Short Hair: If you are looking for a short look, long bobs will frame this shape the best.

Be sure to consult your stylist but remember to consider your body type when deciding how to cut your hair!

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