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Hello and welcome to my first blog post on this site.

So, a good friend (Daniel Hopkins) told me about Film Annex and I thought I would check it out. I have to say - what a really pleasant surprise!

I've been quite active over the last couple of years promoting my work through social and creative networking sites (Vimeo, Behance, Twitter etc) and have found I really enjoyed the process of sharing work with the world at large and building an online portfolio.

In my role as a teacher I constantly encourage my students to use these powerful web based networking sites, both to get their work seen and to develop their portfolios. It seems to me to be just as vital a skill to develop as production and post-production ability.

So this has brought me to Film Annex. Over the coming weeks and months I plan on uploading the numerous productions I have created over the years but this seems to be just a small part of the jigsaw. I always like to discover and experience new creative work. Admittedly my own preferences lean toward experimental and abstract productions, but after just a morning of exploring this site there seems to me to be so much more here. The process of getting your work seen is a healthy pursuit in my opinion, and I'm excited to delve deeper into Film Annex and discover more and more great work.

What I will be doing here I think will differ from how I approach managing other networking profiles I have set up. The difference here will be the discussion of my work and the work of others as and when I discover it. It is not something I have really done before in any great detail but I am looking forward to the prospect of it.

I hope you enjoy what I will be uploading on Film Annex.


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