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Dismissing a member of staff is a very stressful task which should be undertaken with care. if dismissal is judged to have been made unfairly .you could face Legal action resulting in compensation or even reinstatement .dis missal must therefore be treated as a last resort .only to be carried out after all else. Including numerous

written warnings has failed never write anything that cloud be considered defamatory there is no need to be too specific. Unless actual criminal action is being pursued do not mention dishonesty however strong the evidence .try to keep the letter as pleasant and factual as possible. If in doubt do take legal advice

before writing your letter   be as cautious as possible when dealing with law .make notes of everything that tis said and done. As soon as it becomes apparent that you are going to have to dismiss someone start writing down anything relevant that teaks place this is may become evidence if your taken to an industrial tribunal

never be unnecessarily rude notify the employee of their dismissal and give a termination date in accordance with relevant legislation or contractual obligations clearly but firmly state the reasons for dismissal. Express regret and if at all possible offer some kind of compensation package in lieu of notice. Once an employee knows they have been dismissed there is little point in their attending   

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