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Today I'm going to talk about the subject until today he has become our society's most evil divorce increased. which are the Earth and the heaven only once to name resolution. We are that any small mistake how ruthless because of the relation of the whole life ends.

Now, this did not enter into marital life because I know more about what that error is a wife or husband. But I also understand that there are not any so I'm not I'm unable to understand.

I don't understand one thing is perhaps that of his marriage that still after my daughter understood that whenever a son was getting married, they are all happy or how many how many are enthusiastic but most of them had ever thought it would be never to any such will be created between the total that it not be with each other like that .

I would say that any man in the world was in the does not fix every person is certainly not within the error and when we love ourselves even a thousand ills like myself, then others so why this small error increased the punishment? The man who comes to live his life with only one man left everything.

I think its a big mistake with two relations that we punish other with divorce. Because no one is perfect every one have some mistakes and bad habits but its not mean that we never ignore the other person mistake specially when this mistake held with husband and wife. So always think positive and do positive.

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