Diwali a wonderful Hindu festival that you will never forget.

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         Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets, this festival has a very unique meaning in Hindu religion. This festival brings extreme joy and wealth. This festival is considered as the festival of wealth, Hindu people worship Goddess Lakshami she is considered as the goddess of wealth in the family. This festival is celebrated with lots of lights people light their homes with lots of candles and they don’t leave even a single corner of their house where dark can come because according to Hindu mythology if they will lighten their whole home then goddess Lakshami will visit their place and fill their home with wealth.

             Kids use fireworks to celebrate Diwali, kids love using fireworks because of the lights and sound created by those crackers. Kids are very much excited about the festival because of the sweets and the celebration mainly. All the houses look amazing because they were decorated with beautiful lights and flowers. The best thing about Diwali is shopping because during this festive season companies launch their latest collection for shopping and after Diwali the wedding season in India starts so its also considered as the best time for shopping.

            Diwali celebration is of one week during the whole every day has its unique importance and Indian Hindu housewives celebrate this festival so perfectly that one can only enjoy this festival by seeing those rituals. Every year Hindu people bring new utensils and electronic items because they think that will bring happiness to the family. And even they play cards to celebrate Diwali because it’s a game that is related to money so in order to bring wealth in family they play this game with lot of interest and excitement.

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