Do Ants Take A Poop?

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I saw a group of ants in the wall and it made me realize how amazing and fascinating these little creatures are.

It's all amazing how God made all things possible and perfectly fit for the world. Imagine us humans with a heart that pumping blood all over our body and a digestive system that is like a factory within our body. Now, imagine ants. Do these tiny creatures has a heart too? Maybe yes and it's just amazing how small it can be!

I was just curious if ants poop. I mean at some point all living things that has a mouth has to eat and to excrete, right?

I searched for it over Google and got confusing answers.

Some researchers said that ants don't poop. Ants are like robots. They're like androids just doing what they're supposed to do throughout their lifetime and it's all about gathering, foraging foods and serving the queen and the whole colony. They are an organized civilization of tiny creatures.

But some people point out that ants poop. I found this video proving that ants poop. Ants as a pet is common in the western countries especially for kids.



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